Summer of Immaturity

I can remember back to my adolescence and a party at Penn Valley Athletic Club. It was designed to give the kids a chance to bust loose with loads of pop and the best hip-hop from the mid-90’s and work up the courage to talk to members of the opposite sex.

Some of my buddies, my younger brother and I thought we would be the coolest motherfuckers there, as if we weren’t already, if we got the DJ to play the Bryan Adams hit, ‘Summer of ’69’. Not that we had any particular affinity for the song, but it had ‘sixty-nine’ in it. Get it! Oh, goddammit, were we hilarious.

After being rebuked the first few times, the DJ eventually realized we were WAAAY to committed to this act of comedy gold, and broke down and played it. He even gave us an intro crediting us for the selection.  This was our big moment. And I’m pretty sure not one fucking person paid attention. But, hey, we loved it and still thought we were the shit.

So, I just wanna thank you, Bryan Adams, for so blatantly putting sexual innuendo into your song.  You weren’t the first, you weren’t the last, but you were my everything. For the man who once asked ‘Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?’, I say no, because I am too bitter. But I can say, like so many youthful pranksters over the last 30 years, that I have been inspired by a Canadian. Inspired to try to trick an adult into playing a song with an indirect reference to simultaneous oral sex, just to hopefully get a laugh.


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